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Pandavas: Final Fantasy XI _ Final Fantasy XIV Discussion _ What Up Strangers

Posted by: Reshasha taru May 11 2015, 06:11 PM

Hey All.. how the hell is everyone? Or at least the ones who still visit the website here and there. It's crazy how often I think about all of the friends I made in this linkshell and FFXI. I think Minions and Yomisha are really the only ones I still talk to through Facebook, but a lot of really cool memories. A friend of mine and I were talking about this game and why I liked it so much... and the story I told him that made me appreciate it and the people around me was the first time we got the Bahamut's Staff to drop- it was Pninja's turn to loot. He passed on it, knowing how much it would mean to me to have it. My eyes lit up when I saw it fall into my inventory.. and I would forever be grateful for that. Seriously miss everyone.

Anyways.. I have been tinkering around with trying to get into Final Fantasy XIV and was going to see if there were any active players out there. If so, let me know. I leveled one character to 42 with the 14-day free trial, but more than willing to start over to see another storyline.

Hope everyone is well!

- Reshasha

Posted by: Minions Aug 5 2015, 10:12 PM

Where did you disappear to on FB!?

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